Lifestyle March 9, 2023

Home Design Trends for 2023

In recent months, the world has re-energized, and hope has bloomed in ways that many had not experienced since before this decade began. In contrast, shifting economic and global conditions have awakened and heightened certain sensitivities. This age of extremes has given way to a curious range of design ideas. From eclectic and new to natural and nostalgic, here are some of the most notable home design features and themes we expect to see in the year ahead:

Bring the vacation to you. After nearly two years of limited travel, a sense of wanderlust has arisen for many. Yet, rather than actually traveling to fulfill this urge, savvy decorators have opted instead to create an escape within the residence. With a continued desire to revel in the comforts of home, many have embraced the idea that venturing out truly isn’t necessary to achieve that breezy, revitalizing experience. Using warm wood tones, bright light and airy linen curtains and furnishings, abodes will have rooms – both indoors and out – transformed in the style of beachy resort destinations and dreamy European villas.

Connect to nature and the present. People are recognizing the need to be more present and peaceful in the moment and are erring toward pragmatic sensibilities in lifestyle and functionality. Fostering security and balance continue to be key, but with an emphasis on the senses – which translates into the use of natural textiles and rare materials in home décor such as crude clay, terra-cotta, handcrafted finishing’s and glazed tiles made from organic materials. Color schemes are inspired by nature and the desert theme has gained in appeal, incorporating gentle colors such as beiges and greys. The trend additionally translates to comforting, tactile interior designs that blend organic shapes, arches and irregular forms to create a cozy, warm aesthetic. Such biophilic design will continue as a trend. In fact, you may even consider adding a full-sized tree to the kitchen – olive trees are favored – to add an impressive fixture and create a Mediterranean or rustic vibe.

Embrace opulence and idiosyncrasy. In a distinctly disparate tone, an “anti-neutral renaissance” has simultaneously gained traction, influencing home interiors. For those on this opposite end of the spectrum, minimalist fatigue has set in, driving the desire for extravagance and affecting a mood for glamour. A major theme for the new year is celebrating individuality, so unique touches, unconventional decorative fabrics and elements will reign. Think luxe jewel tones, whimsical details and embellishments galore. Expect striking visual effects in homes such as curvy and geometric shapes, fanciful rugs, monochromatic rooms in vivid shades like baby pink – as well as two-toned cabinets in contrasting colors. Emerald green, cobalt and rust are expected to be top interior colors in the coming year. Hellenism and antiquity will also see a surge in popularity, so Corinthian-style furnishings, statues and wallpaper motifs will be highly sought after.

Statement stone. Combining aspects of the two aforementioned trends, another desirable style in 2023 will be the use of unexpected stones in surprising ways. Anticipate colorful marble in creative reds, corals, deep blues and jewel tones. Exotic types of porcelain, soapstone and granite will be used throughout the home in a variety of ways: Subtly – as serving platters, side tables or nightstands – and dramatically – as accent walls, tables, bathtubs or countertops that transition into bold backsplashes – to incorporate as standalone art or a stunning focal point.

Whether you feel like a daredevil or crave simplicity, the coming year boasts a menu of delights to fulfill the moods and needs of many appetites. We hope you’re inspired to customize and love your residence more than ever in 2023.